Currently only two United States medical schools have well-established programs wherein which the medical students have the privilege to regularly shadow (and occasionally scrub alongside) physicians performing organ transplant surgeries. These two institutions are Harvard Medical School and the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University.
The DUCoM Transplant Surgery Observation Program—the first of its kind at Drexel and apparently the third in the country—will allow first and second-year medical students to observe the actual transplant procedure, and even participate in the acquisition of the specimen. Not only will this send a powerful message about Drexel within the larger medical community, but also provide students early in their training with excellent supplementary experience that will undoubtedly shape future aspirations and career decisions.
Participation is randomized from a list of students registered for the program and a pager is given to the student at the top of that week’s list. Temporal rotation of the student pager would ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to be ‘on-call’ should a transplant occur. Paging the student pager notifies this student that their opportunity to observe the life-saving procedure has finally come.

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