Donation Collections

Queen Lane

The only location on the Queen Lane campus where students may place a donation box is the Lower SAC.

West Reading

For more information on where you may place your donation box at West Reading, please reach out to Orcel Kounga (

Here are the steps you’d need to follow to leave a donation box on campus:

  1. Select a 1-2 week (2 week maximum) window of time to run your donation drop off and add it to the SGA calendar (and list the name of the person who is running the drop off in the contact information).
  2. (QL) Place a clearly labeled box in the Lower SAC alongside the wall closest to the Fitness Center.
  3. Email the class listservs letting students know the window of time when they can drop off donations. We recommend using a site like Canva to make your email stand out! 
  4. Pick up your box at the end of your drop-off period. Often times donation boxes will sit for months, so we’re trying to prevent that from happening in the future!

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