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Queen Lane Room Reservations

The student leaders of all SGA-recognized student organizations will receive access to Drexel’s AAIS Room Reservation system. The reservation process is managed by the Registrar’s Office. Room reservations are required for all on-campus events. Students may only use this system to reserve spaces for events. Misuse of AAIS will result in students losing the privilege of using this reservation system.

Please check that you are using the correct event request form to reserve a room on the correct campus (QL vs. Center City vs. University City). Using an incorrect form will cause delays in confirming the request. Standard processing time for a room confirmation is within 24-48 hours. Please submit the request at least 10 days in advance if you require special needs such as A/V assistance, room or video conferencing, or catering.

For assistance with AAIS Schedule, please contact Amy Nickerson, the Associate Registrar at


  • Add approximately 1-1.5 hours before and after your event for setup and cleanup. For example, if the SAC Hall needs to be set a certain way, you are required to reserve at least 1 hour of time for Facilities.
  • Food is allowed anywhere on campus EXCEPT Lab B. Please do not eat or drink in this space.

Listserv Policy

Email is the official means of communication at Drexel University College of Medicine. Events should be advertised to the entire class via the Class Listserv.

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