DUCOM Food Insecurity Interest Group

The purpose of DUCOM’s Food Insecurity Interest Group is to both promote partnership with our community and work to raise awareness and eliminate biases regarding people who are food insecure within our community. There is undoubtedly a large amount of food insecurity in Philadelphia, let alone in our community surrounding DUCOM in East Falls and Germantown. As a result, by partnering with soup kitchens and food cupboards, this interest group hopes to organize groups of students to directly immerse themselves in the community by volunteering at these locations and forming connections with the people who use these services. Students who volunteer would then be able to participate in debrief sessions to discuss their experiences. Additionally, we aim to hold educational sessions with guest speakers and food drives to promote awareness regarding both the multiple ways that people can become food insecure and little things that the DUCOM community can do to help our larger community. Our goal is to directly interact with community members who are experiencing food insecurity while providing ways to learn more about the issue and doing so will allow students to both give back to the community and better understand people who are food insecure.

For more information, please contact us at ducomfiig@gmail.com.