Borrowing the SGA Sound System

The Student Government Association has a sound system for use by student organizations. The sound system can be used with microphones or music players (e.g. phones/computers). To borrow the system, please familiarize with the information below, and then send your request by e-mail to the Technical Officer at

In addition to what is shown in the video, we also have available:

  • Two speaker stands, which are in canvas bags
  • Two microphones that can be connected to the mixer

To borrow the speakers, please designate one individual to be responsible for the welfare of the speakers. That individual should e-mail the request to If the speakers are available, you will be given instructions on how to obtain the speakers. You will also be given instructions on whom to contact (by phone) in case of any adverse events on trouble with the speakers. The designated individual will be responsible for returning the speakers in the same condition in which they were borrowed, including all cables neatly coiled in their correct boxes, and all components returned to their correct location.

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