DUCOM Tune Squad

As the 5th largest city in the country, Philadelphia is a hub for music creativity and expression. The purpose of the DUCOM Tune Squad is to provide a means for members of the DUCOM community who share a passion for modern music to connect and enhance their interests even further. Specifically, the aim of this club is to provide a platform to inform DUCOM students and faculty of live concerts and performances in the area and organize group outings to attend said events. It is our hope that this club will stimulate discussion about new music releases spanning multiple genres and bring together like-minded individuals to promote student wellness through a relaxing and stress-relieving social outlet. While one or more current student groups focus on music creation (live bands, playing musical instruments, etc.), DUCOM Tune Squad is different in that it focuses on music appreciation as opposed to music creation and does not require its members to play instruments or have similar skills.

For more information, please contact us at ducomtunes@gmail.com.

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