Culinary Medicine Club

It is one thing to read about nutrition on paper and learn various dietary sources, but it is another thing to put it into practice. You can’t just tell a patient “you need to be on a low cholesterol diet,” you have to tell them where to start. The goal of the Culinary Medicine Club is to integrate medical nutrition lectures with real life applications. We aim to give medical students the skills they need to effectively talk to patients about nutrition through hosting hands-on cooking workshops, as well as educational information sessions on how to create meal plans to accommodate the various dietary needs of patients such as those who are diabetic or are on Coumadin. Furthermore, we plan on partnering with other campus organizations to host community events to teach members of our local community basic cooking skills and give them resources on attaining appropriate nutrition. This club will not only help medical students be healthier, but will help us as future physicians in guiding our patients towards better nutrition so that we can be proactive rather than reactive.

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