American Physician Scientists Association (APSA)

In extension of the purpose of the National APSA Organization, the DUCOM APSA Chapter has been established for the purpose of promoting academic and personal success, forging future leaders, and advancing science and medicine within our community. More specifically, the APSA Chapter will allow its members to: build relationships with faculty members and medical professionals; participate in extended training programs for aspiring physician-scientists; acquire a better understanding of medical research and related principles; meet, network with, and build collaborative relationships with other aspiring physician-scientists in training; acquire knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a physician-scientist; interact with experienced and successful physician-scientists; provide vertical mentorship to those who are at an earlier stage in their training; better understand the challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities in the training and career of a physician-scientist; supplement potential weaknesses of the formal academic program; learn the skills necessary to secure research funding; interact with junior faculty members to understand the challenges of managing an academic laboratory.

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