Chest X-Ray and Intubation Workshop

Hello friends,   We’d like to announce a collaboration between EMIG and the Anesthesiology Interest Group: Introducing the Chest X-Ray and Intubation Workshop   The event will be on March 2nd starting at 6:00pm in the SIM Center.   Since interpreting Chest X-Ray’s and Intubation are the bread and butter for both of these Specialties, we’ve combined resources of both our groups and got best residents and attendings from both.   Event Details:   The event will be split into Two One Hour Sessions: A Chest Xray Workshop and an Intubation Workshop   Chest X-Ray: This Interactive Team-Based Challenge Workshop will be a cross between a Seminar and Game Show fully equipped with buzzers! You’ll learn how to read Chest Xray quickly and work in teams to answer questions.    Intubation: This workshop will be split up into a Basic Airway Management Session in the large Training SIM room and then you’ll be split into 2 smaller groups we’re you’ll get Hands on Training on Establishing Airways with SIM Center’s Advanced Airway Models   FOOD:   Another perk about having a joint event is double the budget, meaning double the FOOD budget. So expect something nicer than usual. Twice as nice.  

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