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The DUCOM American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) Student Chapter’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). Our chapter provides a platform for students to learn about neurodevelopmental conditions from patients, caregivers, and various specialties. Through hosting lecture series and clinical skill labs, we will supplement our medical school curriculum to foster the development of competent physicians to improve the care of patients with IDD. In collaboration with our Philadelphia community, our chapter commits to volunteering in events such as the Special Olympics to encourage inclusivity and empower our IDD population.ducomaadmd@gmail.com
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AANS Medical Student ChapterThe purpose of Drexel University College of Medicine’s American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Medical Student Chapter is to foster professional growth and career development of members of DUCOM who are interested in the field of neurosurgery by providing them with early support and leadership training in collaboration with Drexel Neurosciences Institute. This organization will provide a forum for students to organize professional, educational, and research activities. The national recognition of AANS allows our members to have a voice in the field, even as a medical student. AANS also provides many other advantages to its medical student chapters including access to educational materials, networking events across the country, grants available for educational and research programs, service and volunteering opportunities, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other AANS Medical Student Chapters.ducom.aans@gmail.com
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Addiction Medicine Interest Geared Organization for Students (AMIGOS)Addiction affects approximately 20 million people. Substance use disorders (SUDs) are commonly encountered in all specialties of medicine and are instrumental in the development of chronic diseases. It is vital to provide preventative care and early intervention to reduce the risk of addiction and substance-related health conditions. Medical students do not receive enough exposure in medical education about addictive diseases and in trainings for addiction as part of the regular curriculum. The goal of our interest group is to provide our peers the opportunity to increase their knowledge, awareness, and skills to assess for SUDs, provide early intervention and make appropriate referrals for treatment of the disease.drexelamigos@gmail.com
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Advocacy ClubThe advocacy club is a group of like-minded medical students striving to uplift marginalized voices in an increasingly inequitable society. We are a place where students wishing to get more involved in the Philadelphia community can come together and share their successes and challenges with the advocacy process. We are committed to the goals of outreach, mobilization, and education. Each goal demonstrates a different facet of our interest as a club, but unite towards the greater goal of serving Philadelphia’s community in a purposeful way. Through our work with the community, both medical and otherwise, we strive to create and connect more doctors with a socially conscious mindset.advocacyducom@gmail.com
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American Medical Association (AMA) -Drexel Student ChapterThe American Medical Association has a robust House of Delegates consisting of representation from every state and medical society, a solid base of physician members, a thriving advocacy influence, the most revered journals and resources in medicine, and respected practice tools. The Drexel University AMA chapter aims to spread knowledge, promote collaborative learning and build networks between medical students and experts in the field.drexelcomama@gmail.com
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American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)The American Medical Women’s Association aims to advance women in medicine by advocating for equality in the healthcare field and ensuring that women physicians’ voices are heard. Our chapter values philanthropy by organizing fundraisers for charities that help women, and hosts various events including physician and reproductive rights panels, workshops on intimate partner violence, and social mixers. AMWA helps students connect with one another, various physicians, and organizations within the community to foster a sense of unity and help advance our mission and our goals.ducomamwa@gmail.com
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Anesthesiology Interest GroupAnesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) aims to educate and immerse students in the field of anesthesiology. AIG strives to help students understand and experience what being an anesthesiologist entails. This is achieved through a variety of ways. AIG hosts numerous workshops, such as an intubation workshop, where students can interact with anesthesiology attending physicians and residents to learn basic skills. Monthly meetings also include information sessions, where students can learn about anesthesiology, as well as about any new developments in the field. Additionally, AIG serves as a bridge to help Drexel students connect with students and physicians at other institutions and Anesthesiology events that take place off campus both inside and outside the Philadelphia community.ducom.anesthesia.ig@gmail.com
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Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA) Drexel ChapterThe Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA) is a national organization of medical and pre-medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities. APAMSA serves as a forum for student leaders to engage these health issues and develop initiatives and projects addressing those needs. The local, regional, and national activities of APAMSA aim to promote the health of the APIA community and help healthcare workers understand how to care for APIA patients in a culturally sensitive manner. Finally, APAMSA provides an important venue for medical students to meet, exchange experiences, and develop personally and professionally through leadership and service.apamsa.ducom@gmail.com
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Attending MusiciansAttending Musicians is an organization that is dedicated to bringing together the diverse members of the DUCOM community, including students, teachers, clinicians, healthcare workers, and staff, through music. We aim to utilize our musical talents to engage with each other and the surrounding community through initiatives such as hosting mini-concerts and fundraising events at DUCOM and other local community facilities. All medical students are welcome to join regardless of their musical instrument, skill level, or genre of interest!attendingmusicians@gmail.com
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Beating HeartsThe mission of DUCOM Beating Hearts is to empower middle school students through education regarding the basic anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, to teach them the importance of maintaining heart health, and to equip them with the basic knowledge and skills to perform Hands-Only CPR and AED use.ducom.beating.hearts@gmail.com
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BedsidersBedsiders is an organization that aims to increase DUCOM students’ understanding of various contraceptive methods and ability to effectively communicate such methods with future patients. In order to execute such goals, DUCOM Bedsider leader(s) host events such as “Sex Trivia Night” and distribute informational packets, provided by the larger national Bedsider® organization, to DUCOM students.drexelbedsider@gmail.com
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Bike ClubThe purpose of the DUCOM bike club is to provide outdoor biking opportunities for DUCOM students with the goals of promoting well-being and fostering community. We will do this through doing group rides, trying to organize charity races, and having lessons for bike maintenance.bikeducom@gmail.com
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Black Doctor NetworkDrexel Black Doctors Network main goal is to provide an opportunity for students to become proactive in networking and building long-lasting relationships with mentors. According to AAMC, only 4% of practicing physicians are African American. This statistic directly correlates with the number of black students currently attending Drexel University College of Medicine. Opportunities for shadowing, mentoring, and research opportunities can be difficult for URM students to obtain. Allowing students to pair with physicians of similar ethnic background who have gone through the rigorous process of medical school and applying for residencies, will better prepare us for our professional goals. BDN will provide a resource for fellow African American students to maximize their opportunities and gain exposure to different fields of medicine. Through enacting this mission, BDN will serve as a resource to address health disparities and underrepresentation in medicine.ducom.bdrnetwork@gmail.com
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Black Heels, White CoatsHave you ever watched a Beyoncé music video and thought, “I want to dance like that!”? Have you danced your whole life and want a creative outlet to keep it up? Do you have 0 experience whatsoever? Black Heels, White Coats was created with the intention of bringing powerful heels dancing to students in the health profession. Classes are designed for any and all students, with a wide range of experiences (or lack of!), in the hopes of inspiring confidence, through burlesque/hip-hop/jazz styles of dancing in a safe, positive environment!blackheels.whitecoats@gmail.com
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Board Game ClubThe purpose of the board game club is to bring together people in a low-stress environment and have them create new bonds with students who share their same interests. DUCOM board games has weekly meetings for casual playing as well as tournaments, socials, and occasional video games. Board games will be a wide variety including RPG, social deduction, strategy, and puzzle.Ducomboardgames@gmail.com
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Boys and Girls ClubBoys and Girls Club is a national organization of local chapters that provide after school programs for young, often disadvantaged, students. Students from DUCOM visit the local chapter in Germantown once a week to help students with their homework and run fun activities for them to enjoy. We also organize events where we bring the students to DUCOM to let them see the SIM center and the gross lab.ducombgclub@gmail.com
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Business ClubDUCOM Business Club strives to explore the use of business in medicine and the roles that doctors can take in hospitals, biotechnology, and corporations. We hope to provide opportunities, talks, and materials that will help students gain a better understanding of business and medicine.ducombusiness@gmail.com
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Cardiology Interest GroupThe Drexel University College of Medicine Cardiology Interest Group aims to increase exposure of medical students to the field of cardiology. We will be offering shadowing opportunities with physicians of various subspecialties within cardiology to members of the group. Networking events will also be available for members in order to form relationships and pursue research opportunities with cardiologists. All medical students are welcome to join the group regardless of their level of interest or knowledge of cardiology. Please feel free to reach out and come to our next meeting!ducomcardiology@gmail.com
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Catholic Medical Association – DUCOM ChapterThe DUCOM Catholic Medical Association chapter offers connections with Catholic medical students from other schools in Philadelphia as well as practicing physicians. The aim is to help students find others who share the same values, learn about how to tread dilemmas, and much more! A special white coat mass is held for Catholic medical students in Philadelphia in the fall. This group is open to all students, Catholic or not.drexelmedcma@gmail.com
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Chess ClubDUCOM Chess club is a dedicated group of chess players with all levels of experience who simply love to play the game. Like medicine, chess is a game of innumerable possibilities and, like medicine, there are people who dedicate their entire lives to learning everything there is to know about the subject. Whether you are a beginner learning to differentiate a bishop from a knight, or an experienced player ready to play your favorite countergambit, DUCOM Chess club welcomes you. Your move.ducomchess@gmail.com
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Classical ClubDUCOM Classical is an organization dedicated to showcasing student and faculty musical talent. The group has successfully brought together like-minded students who have a deep appreciation for classical music. We also aim to create a collaborative, supportive space to share our talents. Each year there are two concerts, one in the fall and one in the spring. Concerts are free and everyone is welcome to attend. In particular, we strive to invite DUCOM faculty and staff to perform and attend our concerts. We have worked hard with Drexel’s Office of Alumni Association to create an atmosphere that will also attract DUCOM alumni to attend and perform in the concerts.ducomclassical@gmail.com
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Climbing ClubThe DUCOM Climbing Club seeks to create a space for new and experienced climbers to come together, explore the sport, and engage with the local climbing community. Group leaders will plan climbing trips, host climbing-related events (film presentations, rope systems training, gym socials, etc.), and help members gain access to equipment. From indoor competitions to alpine ascents, our members have a diverse set of experiences and look forward to connecting with the next generation of DUCOM climbers.ducomrcc@gmail.com
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Clinical Skills Interest GroupThe Clinical Skills Interest group is dedicated to providing resources, space, and guidance to DUCOM students seeking to learn hands on and interpretive clinical skills. We hold events such as suture clinics, workshops for intubation, line placement, intra-articular injections, and more. We partner with local residents and physicians at these events so that students are being guided by professionals, which also provides them with networking opportunities.clinical.drexel@gmail.com
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Club TennisDUCOM Club Tennis aims to provide a community for students who enjoy playing tennis or are interested in learning how to play. We welcome players of all skill levels and provide rackets if you need one. We hold weekly practices that consist of games, drills, and lessons for beginners.ducomclubtennis@gmail.com
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Comedy ClubThe purpose of Comedy Club is to create an environment where students can learn to write and deliver their own comedy sets as well as take trips to local comedy clubs with the group to relax and learn more about the comedy culture in Philadelphia. In addition, we hope to bring in comedian-doctors who can talk about their experience with comedy in their profession, as well as local comedians who can help facilitate workshops to educate us on the process of creating comedy. We also want to host open mics for DUCOM students to try their hand at comedy in a space that is supportive and educational. This club is open to all DUCOM students, from those who are passionate about creating comedy and incorporating humor into their daily lives, to those who casually enjoy a laugh and want to take part in trips to surrounding comedy venues.ducomcomedyclub@gmail.com
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Community College Outreach ClubThe DUCOM Community College Outreach Club recognizes a lack in community college representation in the medical profession and aims to fill that gap. We aim to combat stigma associated with attending a community college. We would also like to provide a network to community college students and to empower students to pursue their interest in the medical profession. Our goals will be met by reaching out to different community colleges and speaking with students that are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. By outlining key information about the path to medicine as well as answering any potential questions that they may have, we hope to support these students. Our talking with these students will also serve as an informative resource that they can learn from and rely on. We wish to use our experiences and backgrounds in a way that will be beneficial to community college students.ducomcco@gmail.com
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COVID CompanionsThe mission of COVID Companions is to provide support to the residents of Inglis House, an advanced rehabilitation/nursing home in the Philadelphia area, during a period of social isolation. Through biweekly, personalized, and hand-written letters, we hope to help serve as a mentor and friend to our Covid Companions by providing mental, physical, and social health tips that can be incorporated into everyday life.drexelcovidcompanions@gmail.com
Cutting Edge AnatomyCutting Edge Anatomy seeks to introduce basic anatomy and physiology to the youth of our community, while serving as mentors for students interested in a career in healthcare. Working with students from local schools, we will utilize engaging activities such as Kahoot, anatomical models, interactive presentations, possible field-trip(s) to DUCOM, basic case-based learning activities, crafts, and scavenger hunts. Our group will meet and prepare hands-on curriculum, while forming relationships with local schools and interacting with their students. By exposing younger members of our community to these concepts early on in their education, we can promote a growing interest and passion for science within medicine.

Based at West Reading
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Dance Lab
Dance Lab is a space to serve as a creative outlet for those who wish to explore and learn different dance styles. Students may choose to lead a session according to their particular style interest. While choreography may be an element included in the sessions, there will be a strong focus on technique and freestyle. Ultimately, Dance Lab aims to increase confidence and the sense of community through the freedom that comes from dance expression. No previous dance experience is necessary to join, and all are welcome!

Based at West Reading
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Delights ClubDUCOM Delights is the annual recipe book created by students with student recipes. It includes recipes ranging in difficulty, along with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Recipes are tagged as “Exam Week Recipes,” “School Week Recipes,” or “Relaxed Weekend Recipes.” In addition, the recipe book includes a section regarding grocery stores in Philadelphia, where to find the best deals, ethnic stores, farmers markets, and affordable produce. In addition to publishing a hard copy version, we will also publish an online issue. Through this recipe book, we strive to keep students engaged in the humanities and provide opportunity for creativity. We hope this recipe book provides an outlet to medical students, a place to turn when you are stressed about what to eat for dinner, and a new found love for delicious healthy food to nourish your body from the inside out.ducomdelights@gmail.com
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Dermatology Interest GroupThe Dermatology Interest Group aims to support medical students interested in the field of dermatology. We hope to increase awareness and understanding of dermatology through informative events while connecting students with opportunities and experts in the field. ducomdermatology@gmail.com
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Diagnostic Radiology Interest GroupDUCOM Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group is a student organization, which facilitates exploration of the field of Diagnostic Radiology for medical students, especially during the preclinical phases of education. The focus of the radiology interest group is to provide opportunities and information for students who are curious about the field of diagnostic radiology and to connect those students with shadowing opportunities. The group leadership will plan and host educational events throughout the school year, such as clinical skills simulation workshops, specialty-specific discussions and seminars, and networking mixers. In addition to these offerings, the radiology interest group will foster vertical collegiality by connecting first- and second-year students with students who are further along on the radiology pathway. radiology.ducom@gmail.com
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Doctor’s NoteDoctor’s Note is DUCOM’s a cappella group made up entirely of medical students, formed to promote musical abilities and passions for students who don’t normally get the time to do so.drexeldoctorsnote@gmail.com
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Dragon Health NewsThe organization, “Dragon Health News,” will seek to package the plethora of information relating to the field of healthcare into a succinct newsletter that will be distributed bi-weekly to the DUCOM student body. The constantly-changing landscape of healthcare, combined with the extreme partisanship that is being observed in the present political climate, creates a significant challenge in obtaining unbiased, accurate information. Medical students have limited time to follow this expanding field; the Dragon Health News organization wants to ensure that, despite their constrained schedules, all individuals at DUCOM are able to effectively navigate news relating to the healthcare field by providing both resources from which reliable information can be obtained as well as snapshots of the most pertinent news headlines along with short, unbiased summaries. There is to date no organization on campus dedicated to providing healthcare news and policy directly to the student body. Furthermore, while many organizations are centered around healthcare policy, these organizations are specifically focused on one aspect of the field, i.e. helping the homeless or advocating for proper immigrant healthcare delivery. Dragon Health News will serve as a resource for students by providing information from all areas of healthcare.dragonhealthnews@gmail.com
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DrExcel HealthWe are DrExcel Health, an interest group at Drexel University College of Medicine that facilitates collaboration between medical, biomedical engineering, business, and entrepreneurship students to address pressing questions that face the medical industry today. We aim to do this by forming interdisciplinary student teams that closely work with a physician mentor and experienced researchers. In the year-long project, teams identify a current problem, design a solution, and ultimately share their work with others. Past projects include developing novel approaches to orthopedic surgery techniques, apps to support those with debilitating illnesses, and assessing transplant organ viability! In addition, we aim to host a longitudinal seminar series featuring talks from entrepreneurs from the biotech industry.drexcelhealth@gmail.com
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Drexel African Medical Student Association (DAMSA)The Drexel African Medical Student Association mission is to share African culture on our campus, and to engage individuals in dialogues that will create a deeper appreciation and understanding of the diverse cultures within the continent. We will strive to provide a network of support for all members, linking them to other students, alumni, physicians, and leaders in the community as needed. We welcome not only African students but all students interested in understanding Africa and what it has to offer. We aim to create a home away from home.drexelafricanmsa@gmail.com
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Drexel Christian FellowshipDrexel Christian Fellowship (DCF) aims to foster a welcoming Christian community for current believers as well as those interested in Christianity. We understand that beginning medical school is often a significant event in peoples’ lives, and encourage the exploration of the intersection between faith and medicine. DCF holds weekly facilitated Bible studies and Daily Devotionals for anyone interested in attending. We also have guest speakers and social events, approx. 1-2 per semester.Drexel.christian.fellowship@gmail.com
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Drexel Medical Students for ChoiceDrexel Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) works to ensure that all medical students have access to abortion and family planning education and training. We aim to create a community among DUCoM students working towards reproductive justice.drexelmsfc@gmail.com
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Drexel Reading Run GroupDRG is for those who love running, want to be better at running, or just purely want to look cool and run. The DRG strives to foster camaraderie and inclusion through running in the great outdoors of Reading, Pennsylvania. Whether new to running or an ex-collegiate runner, all are welcome to participate. DRG helps provide mental wellness for those who need a break from school, a group of like-minded individuals who love to run and exercise, as well as a club that enjoys each other’s company and is always keen to grab a post-run bagel, meal, or pretzel?DRG sign up
DUCOM BasketballTo promote a sense of wellness and community at DUCOM by bringing together students who enjoy playing basketball. DUCOM Basketball is open to all students, faculty, and staff regardless of skill level or prior experience.DUCOMbasketball@gmail.com
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DUCOM Maimonides Jewish Student AssociationDUCOM Maimonides Jewish Student Association is an interest group for Jewish students at Drexel University College of Medicine. It is our goal to create a welcoming environment for our Jewish students and provide programing and enrichment events to foster a sustainable Jewish community within our campus.drexelmaimonides@gmail.com
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DUCOM MovemberA growing number of men – around 10.8M globally – are facing life with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Globally, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men. And across the world, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 75% of all suicides. Movember is uniquely placed to address this crisis on a global scale. It raises awareness and funds for these issues.ducommovember@gmail.com
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DUCOM SoccerTo promote a sense of community at DUCOM by bringing students together who enjoy playing soccer, and to help foster fitness, wellness, and camaraderie. DUCOM Soccer is open to everyone regardless of skill level or prior experience.DUCOM.FC@gmail.com
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East Asian Students and Scholars Association (EASSA)The East Asian Students and Scholars Association (EASSA) is a multicultural group which seeks to provide a social network to the scholars and scientists at DUCOM and to help them develop their careers and promote their academic success. We hope to build a community of individuals with an interest in and respect for East Asian cultures. EASSA fosters friendship among students through social interaction, cultural activities, and educational exchanges. We hope to serve as a bridge for intercultural communication between the Philadelphia communities and student groups at DUCOM.ducom.eassa@gmail.com
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East Falls Community Service Club The purpose of the East Falls Community Service Club at DUCOM is to make a tangible difference in the East Falls neighborhood. We believe that it is important to connect with our neighbors and show that DUCOM students care to improve the community that our Queen Lane Campus resides in. Our goal is to enhance the quality of lives of East Falls residents through our volunteer efforts. We show appreciation for our community through community service events such as litter cleanups, planting trees, and more. This is the perfect opportunity for medical students to step outside, bond with each other, and give East Falls the love it deserves.drexelmed.efcsc@gmail.com
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Emergency Medicine Interest GroupThe Emergency Medicine Interest Group aims to provide opportunities for medical students to explore their interest in the specialty through the organization of speaking events, panel discussions, skills workshops, and shadowing. It is our goal to act as a resource for students who are thinking about entering the field of emergency medicine by providing them with options to connect with current EM physicians, explore the various disciplines encompassed by EM, and practice skills associated with the specialty.emig.drexelmed@gmail.com
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Endocrinology Interest GroupThe Endocrinology Interest Group is committed to supporting and educating students interested in the field of Endocrinology. Our goal is to immerse students into the field by hosting speakers, having panel discussions, and connecting them with valuable contacts in the field. Our group will explore topics such as adult and pediatric endocrinology, endocrinology research, and diabetes as a public health problem. We hope to raise awareness for endocrine disorders and provide students with volunteer opportunities as well. All interest levels are welcome!ducom.endocrinology@gmail.com
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English Conversation Partners at DUCOMEnglish Conversation Partners (ECP) at DUCOM is a participant organization that specifically aims to bring DUCOM students and community members from diverse cultures together through authentic language learning, cultural exchange, and a passion for multiculturalism. We are committed to providing participants with social opportunities to practice speaking English in a nonjudgmental environment, where everyone is respected and feels comfortable to be vulnerable and make mistakes as they learn. We will host several meetings throughout the year that are open to anyone who would like to either increase their comfort and fluency in English or help someone else gain confidence in their English speaking and listening abilities. These meetings will be conducted in different formats, from large group discussions about a specific topic of common interest, to one-on-one conversations, to presentations on particularly pertinent topics such as types of communication. This will provide DUCOM students with the opportunity to serve, build connections, and engage with the members of our community. ECP hopes to foster a safe and supportive place where members of the community who would like to practice English, and DUCOM students seeking respite from schoolwork can convene, converse, teach each other, form friendships, and have fun! ducomecp@gmail.com
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ENT Interest GroupThe DUCOM ENT Interest Group serves to assist medical students in exploring Otorhinolaryngology. An ENT surgeon provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients of all ages with diseases and disorders that affect the ears, nose, throat, the respiratory and upper alimentary systems, and related structures of the head and neck. The specialty encompasses cosmetic facial reconstruction, surgery of benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck, and the diagnosis and management of allergic, sinus, laryngeal, thyroid, and esophageal disorders. Our group hopes to increase the exposure of students to this vast and interesting field and provide opportunities to better understand it. We seek to do this by connecting students with ENT specialists and sub-specialists for shadowing and research opportunities, holding a lecture series, and furthering the interests of students in this competitive field through other informative events.entdrexelmed@gmail.com
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Environment ClubThe mission of the DUCOM Environment Club is to foster awareness of climate change and sustainability issues, and discuss what we can do to address it. We encourage medical students to make environmentally friendly changes in their own lives, participate in activities to create a greener Philadelphia, and apply this knowledge throughout their careers. We also want to discuss the burden that the medical field has on the environment in terms of packaging and waste as a first step towards change in this area. Planting trees and gardens, discussing current events, offering composting kits, and teaching local children how to take care of the planet are just a few of the ways to get involved.ducomenvironment@gmail.com
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Exercise Your RightYour vote matters. We are privileged to live in a society which grants us the freedom to elect both our local and national leaders; however, a huge percentage of our population fails to exercise their right to vote. In 2016, 60% of people took part in the Presidential election and in 2020 only 66% of eligible voters submitted ballots, still leaving over 30% of our voices unheard. These elections will impact the course of healthcare delivery for many years; as such, our classmates not only have a right but a duty to vote.

Exercise Your Right sets out to lead our fellow classmates, professors, and Drexel community to the voting booth. We deem it vitally important that all people, regardless of race, gender, or political affiliation have their voices heard. We wish to inform and guide individuals both in-state and out-of-state on the registration and mail-in-voting process. We desire to mandate a school sponsored “Voting Holiday” to honor this critical right of voting. We hope to quantify our collective voting participation to provide an early demonstration of our leadership capability here at DUCOM.
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Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)The Family Medicine Interest Group is dedicated to encouraging medical students to pursue careers in Family Medicine by highlighting the importance of community oriented, patient-centered care. DUCOM’s chapter provides a plethora of educational services to its members and offers mentorship and shadowing opportunities. The Family Medicine Interest Group places unique emphasis on the necessity of primary care in underserved communities. Members are educated about the shortage of physicians in rural areas and encouraged to consider practicing Family Medicine in the most disadvantaged communities. Members are also informed about the typical lifestyle of Family Physicians and learn about the chronic conditions that Family Physicians most commonly treat in patients such as Diabetes and Hypertension. In the past, members have formed meaningful relationships with current Family Medicine physicians in the Philadelphia area. Through membership, students will gain access to Family Medicine physicians throughout the East Coast who are interested in providing assistance to medical students. The Family Medicine Interest Group is a branch of the national American Academy of Family Physicians, and medical students can gain national membership free of charge.familymedducom@gmail.com
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Figure Skating ClubDUCOM Figure Skating Club is a new student organization geared toward building a fun and supportive community for students who previously ice skated. This club is recreational, but we will be going to practice at local ice arenas to break up our studying. Additionally, we hope to spread our love of figure skating with the wider DUCOM community by offering a public skate night later this year. We can’t wait to see you on the ice!DUCOMfsc@gmail.com
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Film AcademyThe Drexel University College of Medicine Film Academy aims to provide a space for students and faculty to view, enjoy, and discuss the cinematic arts. Medical school is a stressful experience, and the DUCOM Film Academy hopes to aid in alleviating some of that stress by bringing film enthusiasts together. Our goals are to promote wellness on campus, introduce ourselves and students to new films/genres, and provide a forum for conversation and discussion on topics outside of medicine. Ideally we would like to host one viewing a month, showing a film nominated by and voted on by club members, in addition to providing dinner. We the presidents of the DUCOM Film Academy love watching and getting excited by movies and want to share this hobby with our classmates, hopefully facilitating new friendships and reducing stress in the process.ducomfilm@gmail.com
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First Generation Student GroupThe First Generation Student Group is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all medical students who identify as being First Generation. Together, we hope to cultivate a community rooted in acceptance and belonging. We aim to provide support for current First Generation medical students and continue that support across all student and career levels.

We aim to host in person and virtual professional & wellness workshops. In support of First Generation students of all backgrounds, our goal is to provide mentorship and shadowing opportunities for those who identify as first generation and create opportunities to support other first generation students by reaching out to local schools, undergraduate pre-med student groups, and pre-med and pre-health graduate students to give advice and provide information on varying opportunities to better equip them for a successful career in medicine.
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Frog Hat ClubAfter being virtual for our first year of medical school, our mission is to build a stronger sense of community in the DUCOM Class of 2024 using fun frog hats. We plan to use our budget to purchase and distribute the hats to members and will coordinate social and service events where we can wear them and explore Philadelphia together.ducom.froghats@gmail.com
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Gastroenterology Interest GroupThe Gastroenterology Interest Group strives to educate students about the field and connect them with faculty who share their interests. Over the course of this academic year, we plan to have several talks by faculty at Tower Health, St. Chris, and other hospitals that will focus on various topics in GI, such as IBD, congenital disease, GI bleeds, scope technologies, newly approved technologies, AI, amongst others. Additionally, we hope to act as a resource to connect students to research opportunities, shadowing, and mentors at surrounding hospitals that may be able to further their understanding of this field of medicine and grow their interest.gig.ducom@gmail.com
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Global & Public Health Interest GroupThe mission of the Global and Public Health Interest Group at Drexel University College of Medicine is to provide educational, networking, and practical opportunities for students to explore ways in which global and public health work can be integrated into careers in medicine. The group aims to hold panel discussions and workshops, as well as interactive and didactic sessions featuring experts in the field, to help interested students learn more about global and public health disciplines. gphatducom@gmail.com
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Growing YoungThe DUCOM Growing Young: Friends Across Generations is a group that provides support to the elderly population. We aim to create an environment in which the nursing home population we serve feel supported and heard. We believe that life, at all stages and with all its challenges, is a precious gift to be shared and celebrated. Therefore, Growing Young is there to offer this exchange of experience between the elderly population and Drexel students. 

We provide nursing homes and rehabilitation homes: 
– Pair each student with a senior. This student would be responsible for contacting the senior once a week via phone or other means of communication (such as letters), to check up on them and have a conversation
– Create several virtual and in-person fun events for the residents, church Sundays, and bingo nights
– Organize special holiday events
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Health Literacy Community PartnersThe DUCOM Health Literacy Community Partners is a group of like-minded students who want to bridge the gaps in patient-doctor communication. Too often patients are unaware of things they need to be discussing with their providers which can impact their care negatively. DUCOM Health Literacy Community Partners aims to engage with the community in different locations around the community to help spread awareness about addressing patient concerns at doctor visits. Our aim is to reach as many patients as we can and help empower them to become strong advocates for themselves.healthliteracyducom@gmail.com
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Health Outreach Project (HOP)Drexel University College of Medicine Health Outreach Project (HOP) aims to work in partnership with the community to provide caring, nonjudgmental, and interdisciplinary health services to individuals who have limited or no access to care.

Our clinics & programs strive to create a respectful environment in which patients, students, community members, and health professionals work and learn together to address community health issues in innovative ways.
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Health Science ClubAt the Drexel College of Medicine Health Science Club, we seek to nurture an inclusive space where students can work towards reaching their fitness/health-related goals. Be it weight-loss or muscle hypertrophy, through health science and evidence-based practice, we would like to be a group that encourages fitness activities while also having monthly roundups/reports on literature that have recently been published. We also recognize that reviewing health/exercise science literature is not something most people are used to when it comes to achieving fitness goals. For this reason, we plan on starting a Facebook group where executive board members will post interesting and relevant articles discussing health/fitness/exercise science. We plan for the DUCOM Health Science Club to be a useful and educational resource for assisting anybody on their fitness journey.ducomhealthscience@gmail.com
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Hematology/Oncology Interest GroupThe aim of the DUCoM Hematology/Oncology interest group is to help educate students on Heme/Onc and expose them to different elements of the field so that they can make informed professional and career decisions. hemeonc.ducom@gmail.com
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Hiking ClubWe are the DUCOM Hiking Club, a group that aims to combine our loves for fitness, wellness, and nature. It’s our mission to provide an outlet for de-stressing and stimulation for hikers of any and all levels. Come and join us as we make friends, explore the community, and take time away from studying.ducomhikingclub@gmail.com
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Hockey Interest GroupDUCOM Hockey is an organization aimed at fostering a sense of community and promoting healthy lifestyles among students through pick up games, stick and pucks, ice skating events and more.hockeyducom@gmail.com
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ImpulseDrexel Impulse was formed as a way for students to use different dance styles to both de-stress as well as practice mindfulness. The goal of the club is to hold workshops for both students at DUCOM as well as put together choreography for children in the community as a way to get them moving and introduce them to dance forms across the world. Impulse also aims to hold workshops for students interested in learning different dance styles and aims to incorporate tenets of dance and music therapy into the choreography. Impulse members also perform various pieces together at different events such as PABC or the Multicultural show.ducom.impulse@gmail.com
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Incarcerated Persons Healthcare Initiative (IPHI)The mission of the Incarcerated-Persons Healthcare Initiative (IPHI) at Drexel University College of Medicine is to facilitate student opportunities for health outreach and structured learning within regional prisons, jails and half-way houses. These opportunities will allow students to gain invaluable exposure to the sociopolitical and socioeconomic issues that underlie the immense health disparities faced by the presently (and previously) incarcerated. These opportunities will also provide an avenue for students to confront and overcome biases as they interact with many individuals who have been marginalized by society, and help students gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges and rewards of working with this underserved patient population.ducomiphi@gmail.com
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Integrative Medicine Interest GroupHow can we think beyond the nation’s current model of traditional “sick” care to a vision of genuine health? We aim to explore this question and how the future of medicine should look very different from now. Our current medical system is not about keeping us vibrant, well, or at optimal performance levels. Rather, it is about extinguishing the fire of disease as quickly and economically as possible. The goal of integrative medicine is to use evidence-based interventions that fill the gaps of what we really need “health” care to be. Our purpose as the Integrative Medicine Interest Group is to better understand this new paradigm shift which unites lifestyle and dietary interventions with modern medicine. We are interested in a variety of services, such as accelerated healing, preventive medicine, functional medicine, micronutrient therapies, hormone replacement, mindfulness programs, optimal body weight management, mind-body therapies, exciting research from bench to bedside, and a growing body of academic & clinical trials.ducomintegrativemedicine@gmail.com
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Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)The Internal Medicine Interest Group is interested in expanding our knowledge as medical students on primary care and the sub-specialities within the umbrella of Internal Medicine. To that end, we have speaker presentations hosting physicians from various sub-specialties to highlight interesting clinical cases, talk about their roads to specialty and what brought them into the field. In the past, the group has also hosted patient advocacy groups (Amyloidosis) to raise awareness and talk about medicine from a patient’s perspective. ducomimig@gmail.com
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International FoodiesThe purpose of international foodies is to provide a relaxing and fun way for student physicians to become culturally competent by trying different cuisines of various cultures. Not only will it provide an avenue of wellness for DUCOM students, but it will contribute to team building and cohesion among MS1s, MS2s, MS3s, MS4s, faculty, and staff alike! Like the old saying goes — “food brings people together”!

Based at West Reading
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Interventional Radiology Interest GroupDUCOM Interventional Radiology Interest Group is a student organization, which facilitates exploration of the field of Interventional Radiology for medical students, especially during the preclinical phases of education. The focus of the radiology interest group is to provide opportunities and information for students who are curious about the field of interventional radiology and to connect those students with shadowing opportunities. The group leadership will plan and host educational events throughout the school year, such as clinical skills simulation workshops, specialty-specific discussions and seminars, and networking mixers. In addition to these offerings, the radiology interest group will foster vertical collegiality by connecting first- and second-year students with students who are further along on the radiology pathway. iratducom@gmail.com
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Journal ClubThe purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for students to develop skills that allow them to critically analyze and evaluate medical literature. The goal is to have student presenters choose a journal article, evaluate its hypothesis, study design, method, and results in a systemic fashion and lead a discussion on the clinical applicability of their chosen article. This organization allows students a venue to appreciate the complexity and difficulty in searching for clinically relevant research topics and to appreciate the process of medical decision making required to generalize the findings of a particular study to a larger population. Students will facilitate a journal club session with guidance from the faculty mentor.ducomjournalclub@gmail.com
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Jump Into ReadingJump Into Reading is an educational outreach program run by Drexel Medical Students who are dedicated to facilitating Philadelphia’s youth to develop a passion for literature and academia. Each Wednesday, Jump Into Reading volunteers aim to raise awareness about the fun and benefit of reading to the children of Eliza Shirley residents. They share laughs and read a variety of books with all children age 3 and up.jumpintoreading@gmail.com
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LabakCare Student OrganizationThe purpose of the LabakCare Student Organization is to improve the health of underserved communities by providing no cost preventive health care services in Philadelphia and local surrounding areas, in addition to providing international clinics in Haiti and Nigeria. LabakCare offers health screenings, flu shots, and referrals to uninsured individuals through partnerships with local nonprofits, shelters, and religious institutions. This organization is a unique opportunity to work with fellow medical students in organizing fundraising efforts for this non-profit organization while also having the opportunity to work together with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care workers and students in order to screen patients and help them understand their diagnosed health issues. Students who are passionate about sharing in LabakCare’s mission of serving medically underserved communities, working to decrease the incidence of preventable chronic diseases, working with interdisciplinary aspects of healthcare, and organizing efforts to expand the reach of LabakCare’s service to underserved communities are encouraged to join.ducomlabakcare@gmail.com
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Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)The purpose of the LMSA-DUCOM is to address the health needs of the Latino community, as well as to create an environment for academic and social support for Latino students interested in the health professions.ducom.lmsa@gmail.com
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LGBTQIA+ Professionals in MedicineLGBTQIA+ Professionals in Medicine seeks to enhance the health of the LGBTQIA+ community through community social support, advocating for curricular and policy change in the field of medicine, and educating students and staff in the greater DUCOM community on issues pertaining to sexual and gender minorities.drexel.lgbtqpm@gmail.com
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Medical Interview Practice Club
Wanting to get more comfortable with the medical interview process? Feeling comfortable but wanting additional practice? Join the Medical Interview Practice Club! The Club is designed to increase DUCOM students confidence in applying the skills learned in Foundations of Patient Care for future physician-patient interactions. Students will work together in small groups roleplaying the medical interview in both physician and patient roles. A patient case file will be provided prior to each session to improve reality of the practice session. Most importantly, it will be a low stress environment, with a minimal time commitment, and an area where DUCOM students can receive crucial feedback from their peers.

“There is only one cardinal rule: one must always listen to the patient” – Oliver Sacks

Based at West Reading
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Med-Peds Interest GroupThe Med-Peds Interest Group aims to inform and educate DUCOM students on the field of Med-Peds and the possibilities that a combined residency program in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics can provide. We hope to provide information sessions and professional contacts so that students can explore Med-Peds and develop inter-professional connections with physicians in the field. Med-Peds is not widely understood, so we aim to correct this and provide detailed information and opportunities for any interested student at DUCOM. Over the course of the year, we hope to provide students with multiple opportunities to meet with previous students who have matched into Med-Peds and discuss the application process with current Med-Peds Residency advisors. We hope to also establish a system for shadowing Med-Peds residents and interns or at least providing the contact information so that students can reach out to various faculty, residents, and fourth year students associated with Med-Peds.drexelmedpeds@gmail.com
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Microbiology in MedicineThe mission of Microbiology in Medicine or, M-in-M, is to introduce the many roles that microorganisms play in medicine. Despite their tiny size, microorganisms have an immense position in human development and disease. This topic will be addressed through interactive discussions on current microbiological research, lectures from medical and research specialists in the world of microbiology and infectious disease, tours of medical and laboratory facilities to learn more about clinical microbiology, and educational activities with community organizations encouraging broader medical microbiological understanding among the residents of Philadelphia. The large world of microorganisms plays a crucial role in health and disease. Most obviously, infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance highlight the importance of microorganisms in human health. Less obvious, however, is the role that general microbiota play in maintaining human digestion, modulating human immune responses, and influencing the development of multifactorial diseases. The aim of M-in-M, is to incorporate the diverse microbiological world into the study of medicine with the goal of encouraging holistic care that addresses the multifactorial aspects of human health and disease.microbiologyinmedicine@gmail.com
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Microgreen Nutrition OutreachDrexel’s Microgreen Nutrition Outreach organization will hold events for medical students and local K-12th grade students to share microgreen growing techniques, discuss nutrition awareness, and how to prepare fresh home-grown food at home. It is much easier to prevent disease through education than combating it during late stages. As physicians in training, we hold enormous power to help our patients. Often we only get to interact with patients after 30-50 years of habitual eating and drinking take their toll on their health. Growing food sustainably and locally is an excellent method to actively help communities increase awareness of how nutrition impacts their health.ducommicrogreens@gmail.com
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Military MedicineThe Military Medicine Interest group aims to connect student physicians with each other and alumni regarding the overall goal of hopefully pursuing a career as a military physician. Many members of the group have received the HPSP scholarship and represent the military in this way, others connect over their desire to serve their country as a healthcare provider or want to learn more about opportunities to do so.ducom.militarymedicine@gmail.com
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Mindfulness and Meditation ClubThe Mindfulness and Meditation Club’s purpose is to provide a space for the learning and practice of mindfulness and meditation. Meetings will consist of informal learning (either from a text, talk, or guest speaker), informal practice (either sitting, walking, or standing), and informal discussion. Brief newsletters with helpful information on practicing mindfulness and meditation will also be distributed. The club will not focus on any particular practice, it will be open to all forms of practice.mindfulnessandmeditationDUCOM@drexel.edu
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Mothers and Baby DragonsThe goal of Drexel University College of Medicine’s Mothers & Baby Dragons (MBD) is to promote healthy pregnancies through one-on-one partnerships between low-income pregnant women and medical student companions who can help facilitate a healthy prenatal journey. DUCOM medical students provide support to expecting mothers by accompanying them to prenatal appointments at the Women’s Care Center in Philadelphia, and regularly communicating with the mothers to discuss their unique challenges and successes throughout the pregnancy and during the baby’s first few months. We believe that every woman deserves easily accessible resources to deal with the realities and challenges of pregnancy, and extra guidance and a listening ear can give these women the help they need to start a happy and healthy family. Our goal for medical students involved in this effort is to develop empathy, skills for effective communication with patients, and the drive to go above and beyond for patient care. We hope to develop champions for comprehensive and high quality care for underserved patients through advocacy, good listening, effective teaching, and providing inspiration and hope for patients to achieve their goals for health.drexelmbdragons@gmail.com
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Move It With Mommy and Me (MIWMM)Move it with Mommy and Me is dedicated to teaching mothers and their children at the Eliza Shirley House healthy lifestyle choices. The Eliza Shirley House, which recently became a permanent home, houses homeless women and their families. We hold hour-long sessions that focus on physical activity for the residents. Student volunteers lead exercises and offer nutritious snacks in the hope of providing examples of lifelong healthy habits.Moveitwithmommyandme@gmail.com
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MUsculoskeletal Skills and CLinical Education (MUSCLE) ClubThe DUCOM MUSCLE Club aims to give medical students the opportunity to learn about and gain hands-on experience with musculoskeletal clinical skills with an emphasis on those involved in rehabilitation and sports medicine.DUCOMMUSCLE@gmail.com
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Muslim Student Association (MSA)We are a student organization dedicated to creating a community of muslims. We hope to make incoming muslims feel welcomed and at home. We also hope to hold Friday prayers, social gatherings around special holidays, and discuss our common faith.drexelmedmsa@gmail.com
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November Project The DUCOM November Project Club aims to motivate, encourage, and hold others accountable to working out with the Philadelphia November Project group. November Project is a free worldwide fitness movement that has spread to cities all around the US and world. Workouts are held outside every week at 6:25am on Wednesdays and Fridays. All fitness levels are welcome and workouts usually consist of running, stair climbing, jumping, bodyweight exercises, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and circuits. This club seeks to promote this free fitness opportunity while bringing together classmates who love working out in the morning.ducomnovproj@gmail.com
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Nutrition in MedicineCulinary medicine is defined as an “evidence-based field in medicine that blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4739343
It is one thing to read about nutrition on paper and learn various dietary sources, but it is another thing to put it into practice. You can’t just tell a patient “you need to be on a low cholesterol diet,” you have to tell them where to start. The goal of the Nutrition in Medicine club is to integrate medical nutrition lectures with real life applications. We aim to give medical students the skills they need to effectively talk to patients about nutrition through hosting hands-on cooking workshops, as well as educational information sessions about food and nutrition.

We know that patients don’t always follow up in meeting with specialists, and nutrition services are not always covered by insurance. While medical students are trained in nutrition, we are not trained in nutrition counseling. By having practical conversations about food and spending time in the kitchen under the guidance of culinary professionals, we will feel more confident in our abilities to talk to patients about nutrition/diet and teach patients everyday skills in how and what to cook, in a way that is easy to integrate into their lives. We want to promote our patients’ health and guide them towards better nutrition to help prevent/treat chronic conditions.

Furthermore, we plan on partnering with other campus organizations to participate in community events to teach members of our local community basic cooking skills and give them resources on attaining appropriate nutrition. Through nutrition and culinary programs, this club will not only help medical students practice self-care, promoting our own health and wellness, but will also enhance our understanding of nutrition, helping us as future physicians in effectively integrating this knowledge into our own lives and clinical practice.
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Ob/Gyn Interest GroupThe Ob/Gyn Interest Group aims to provide opportunities for medical students to explore their interest in the specialty through the organization of speaking events, panel discussions, skills workshops, and shadowing. It is our goal to act as a resource for students who are thinking about entering the field of obstetrics and gynecology by providing them with options to connect with current physicians, explore the various disciplines encompassed by Ob/Gyn, and practice skills associated with the specialty.drexelmedobgyn@gmail.com
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Ophthalmology Interest GroupThe DUCOM Ophthalmology Interest Group is a student-run organization committed to exploring the field of ophthalmology and creating opportunities for learning, engagement, and discussion. Group leaders will plan and host talks from professionals in the field, highlight opportunities for engagement in the community, and provide resources for self-education. Through these events and others, we aim to connect interested students, create a platform for discussion, and facilitate the interaction between ophthalmologists and students for research, shadowing, and mentorship.drexelmedoig@gmail.com
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Orthopaedic Surgery Interest GroupThe Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group aims to help Drexel medical students explore the field of orthopaedic surgery through guest speakers, clinical skills workshops, and shadowing opportunities.ducom.ortho@gmail.com
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Pathology Interest GroupThe Pathology Interest Group provides exposure to the medical specialty of pathology beyond what students learn in the classroom. We offer shadowing of pathologists and also sponsor meetings where different aspects of the field are discussed. We also go over what its like to be a pathology resident and attending.ducompathologyig@gmail.com
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Pediatric AIDS Benefit Concert (PABC)The Pediatric AIDS Benefit Concert is an annual gathering of Drexel University College of Medicine’s most musically talented students and faculty with the goal of raising money to benefit patients of the Dorothy Mann Center for Pediatric and Adolescent HIV at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. St. Christopher’s Hospital is a pediatric teaching facility in North Philadelphia for Drexel University College of Medicine. The funds raised through PABC help to provide families affected by adolescent HIV with emergency funds for housing, utilities, food, and rent, and helps to offset other expenses such as college application fees and supplies for summer camp. To date, PABC has raised over $520,000 to benefit children at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.ducompabc@gmail.com
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Pediatrics Interest GroupThe Pediatric Interest Group helps students learn more about the field of pediatrics and the care of children. Those medical students who are considering pediatrics as a specialty, are interested in what a pediatrician does, and who want to work with and learn about children are encouraged to participate in activities sponsored by the pediatric interest group. Along with furthering your education, there are numerous opportunities to serve the public and children through community-oriented projects, which provide practical experience on how to interact with the pediatric population.pedsinterestgroup@gmail.com
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Peer to Peer SupportRates of distress, depression, and anxiety of prospective medical students do not differ from the general population, but increase significantly once medical school begins. Medical school poses unique difficulties to incoming students. The first semester of medical school involves adapting to a new lifestyle, reforming old habits, adjusting goals, and developing local support systems. Throughout this process, students will hit many road blocks and the demands of the rigorous program can be isolating from previous mechanisms of support and stability. Peers can offer a shared experience, helping students understand that they are not alone. Second year moderators can understand the challenges of first year, but also provide a hopeful perspective of growth and development that isn’t always clear when in the midst of adversity. Additionally, second year moderators that are knowledgeable about what accessible services are available can help guide first years towards helpful resources. We hope to provide a safe, confidential space for students to explore their stressors and connect with existing resources. Drexel has a need for additional wellness services to meet a persistent need for support, particularly in the beginning phases of school. We hope that by providing additional support and access to resources, we can reduce the impact medical school has on the wellbeing of incoming students.p2p.drexel@gmail.com
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Interest GroupOur group aims to help medical students learn more about the specialty of PM&R, also known as physiatry. We hold meetings, conference information sessions, and educational workshops to deepen our understanding of the field. Guest speakers such as current PM&R residents and attending physicians will also provide students with an overview of their experiences and will offer insight regarding how to match into the specialty. Additionally, we plan to promote professional relationships between medical students and practicing physiatrists through shadowing, clinical rotations, and national physical medicine & rehabilitation conferences.ducompmandr@gmail.com
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Pizza ClubDUCOM Pizza Club is a local, student-driven community that aims to inform, organize, and inspire its members in the art of the pizzaiolo. We seek to provide a platform for pizza appreciation, host sessions on pizza-making techniques, foster community relationships, and more. Those with any and all dietary preferences are welcome to join us in our exploration of what pizza is and what pizza can be. In an increasingly variable world, pizza remains a reliable constant.ducompizzaclub@gmail.com
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Plastic Surgery Interest GroupThe Drexel University College of Medicine Plastic Surgery Interest Group is a student run information organization for medical students of all years. The goal of the group is to provide networking opportunities for student as well as provide a resource to learn more about the field of plastic surgery. The primary way that we shall accomplish this goal is by creating events and inviting guest speakers to talk about their lives as plastic surgeons, the road leading to becoming a part of the field, and their day to day.ducompsig@gmail.com
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Primary Care ProgressPrimary Care Progress (PCP) is a national non-profit that is dedicated to bring all who are interested in the future of primary care together to promote and transform primary care as we know it. We seek to draw on the experience and knowledge of healthcare professionals to educate students in order to provide them with the change-making tools they need to both improve primary care delivery and revitalize the primary care community. Additionally, we at Primary Care Progress wish to work alongside other groups and serve as advocates for patients affected by issues such as substance abuse, current health care reform, and misconceptions about healthcare.pcpatdrexel@gmail.com
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Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Interest GroupThe purpose of this group is to promote interest in the field of psychiatry and serve as a resource for peers who have questions about pursuing this specialty. Club opportunities will include guest speakers, shadowing opportunities, and relevant psychiatric events.ducompsychiatry@gmail.com
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Pulmonary and Critical Care Interest GroupPulmonary and critical care medicine comprise a specialized avenue of emergency medicine in which the focus is to provide life-saving care to patients suffering from respiratory distress. The Pulmonary and Critical Care Interest Group aims to create a safe, fun and open space where valuable clinical skills can be learned such as intubation, multi-system organ evaluation, central line placement and more. Additionally, the club intends to foster professional development by connecting DUCOM students to various opportunities + physicians in this field of medicine. As such, the Pulmonary and Critical Care Interest Group meets on a monthly basis to discuss what it means to be a pulmonary/critical care specialist, various clinical opportunities in the Philadelphia area, and any recent developments in the field.pulmccducom@gmail.com
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Radiation Oncology Interest GroupThe purpose of the Radiation Oncology Interest Group is to educate medical students on the growing field and the scope of radiation oncology. Radiation oncology is a small, competitive field with limited exposure in the medical curriculum. Therefore, students are often not aware of what it entails or find it difficult to be involved. Unlike hematology-oncology, radiation oncology deals with the treatment of cancer specifically through the use of radiation. Radiation is a great tool, but one that must be used with precision and care. The goal of this group is to provide students with a better understanding of radiation oncology through shadowing experiences, faculty presentations, research opportunities and practical workshops and to develop a strong network of physicians and researchers within the field.drexelmedradonc@gmail.com
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Re-BloomOur mission is to improve the quality of life of patients in Philadelphia area hospitals & care centers, as well as promote sustainability through the re-use of flowers from weddings & wedding venues and give them to patients. It is well-known that patients receiving inpatient care in the hospital experience increased loneliness and isolation and it is our goal, through the delivery of flowers to local patients, to decrease loneliness & brighten their mood and hospital room. We believe that this is crucial for improved mental health during hospital stays.rebloomducom@gmail.com
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Reclining DocsBy promoting a healthy work-life balance, this club is there to encourage and remind students to schedule time to do something relaxing outside of studying. We plan to host accessible opportunities to improve mental health while building a supportive and positive community.

Based at West Reading
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Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (REI) Interest GroupThe Drexel University College of Medicine Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Interest Group aims to increase exposure of medical students to the field of reproductive medicine. We hope to increase awareness and understanding of hormonal function as it pertains to reproduction as well as the issue of infertility. Networking events will also be available for members in order to form relationships and pursue research opportunities with reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists. All medical students are welcome to join the group regardless of their level of interest or knowledge.drexelmedrei@gmail.com
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Research Interest GroupThis is an interest group centered around pairing individuals who are interested in getting involved with research to an experienced peer mentor in or close to their areas of interest. This group will be working closely with the career advising office and associate dean for medical student research to increase the research opportunities available to all DUCOM students.ducomresearchgroup@gmail.com
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Rheumatology Interest GroupThe American College of Rheumatology defines a rheumatologist as a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and systemic autoimmune conditions commonly referred to as rheumatic diseases. The prevalence of rheumatic diseases in the US is expected to increase by 34% in the next 15 years. The mission of the Rheumatology Interest Group is to provide students with opportunities to learn more about the growing field of rheumatology. The DUCOM Rheumatology Interest Group will create opportunities for students to hear from rheumatologists, learn about the field, network, and find shadowing opportunities. Club meetings will include interactive case studies, patient panels, and clinical skills workshops related to the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases. Given the importance of rheumatology and its integration into all fields of medicine, the DUCOM Rheumatology Interest Group will help to train aspiring rheumatologists.rig.ducom@gmail.com
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RISE Philly (Drexel Chapter)To unify the post-secondary education students and the School District of Philadelphia to provide supplementary academic assistance, mentorship, and companionship to middle school and high school students who are transitioning into the virtual platform.ducomrise@gmail.com
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Running ClubDUCOM Running Club serves to establish a community of runners of all levels at the College of Medicine. We will hold weekly runs of two-five miles in length and also participate in races around Philadelphia. Our goal is to provide a casual, non-intimidating environment for all runners in order to get students familiar with and excited about running around East Falls and Philadelphia.ducomrc@gmail.com
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Softball ClubWe will be putting together a DUCOM team to play weekly softball games in Philadelphia Sports League.drexelmedsoftball@gmail.com
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South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMSA)The South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMSA) is an organization with the goal of spreading awareness of and sharing South Asian culture with the students and faculty of DUCOM community. We are a student-led group that represents the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Our mission is to create an environment for individuals of South Asian descent, and those interested in South Asian culture, to celebrate diversity and encounter others of similar interests and backgrounds. It is also our hope for medical students and faculty to learn about the traditions, food, and culture of the region, and participate in ethnic events that allow exploration and experience of the rich culture of South Asia. Through our various traditional events, discussions, talks/presentations, and performances, we hope to foster cultural understanding and diversity.samsa.ducom@gmail.com
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Stitches ClubStitches is a club devoted to relieving stress through engaging in craft activities, specifically knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, and embroidery. This club is open to individuals of all experience levels and is a space to learn a new skill and decompress. We hold monthly Knitting Circles in addition to special craft events, such as Chunky Blanket Hand Knitting. Additionally, we offer charity projects for different skill levels as a means of giving back to the community, including arm-knitting a scarf for homeless shelters.ducomstitches@gmail.com
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Stories in MedicineTake a break from learning about diseases and join us to delve into the intimate and unique stories of those who succumb to diseases. Stories in Medicine hopes to deepen the physician-patient relationship through entertaining reads and informal student-led discussions.

For a taste of the books we plan to read and discuss: Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two Illnesses by Joanne Jacobson, Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker and Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis.
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Stress and Anxiety Management for Medical Professionals (SAMMP)Stress and Anxiety Management for Medical Professionals (SAMMP) at DUCOM is an organization designed with the goal of shedding light on the importance of mental health management, both as a medical students and as practicing healthcare providers. Considering the high rates of burnout, anxiety, and stress that many physicians endure in silence, it is a topic that merits some acknowledgment and discussion. With that being said, DUCOM’s SAMMP will work to enlighten medical students on stress, mental health and preventing burnout in the field. SAMMP will work closely with DUCOM Psych/Soc advisors in order to conduct informative sessions on medical school stress and physician burnout, delving into the risks and management techniques.  Through sessions designed for communicating with other medical student peers, knowledgeable faculty, and even guest speakers, SAAMP hopes to guide DUCOM students into the professional field with mental health self-awareness!   
“If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.” 
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Student CupboardOur goals are:
To provide a reliable source of food for those in our community experiencing food insecurity.

To become a safe space for discussion and education in order to destigmatize food insecurity in our community and beyond.

To partner with other resources and departments in order to assure the sustainability of the Student Cupboard as a resource for our community.
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Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)For all students interested in learning more about neurology! The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) provides opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and service activities in neurology. We will be hosting events throughout the year with guest speakers, can provide support with neurology shadowing opportunities, and will be sharing more information about scholarships and networking resources. 🧠sign.ducom@gmail.com
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Student National Medical Association (SNMA) – Drexel ChapterThe purpose of this organization is to:
a.) take a proactive role in the recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds,
b.) increase awareness and address the needs of unrepresented medical and pre-medical students,
c.) increase awareness and address the needs of the underserved in surrounding communities locally, nationally and internationally, and
d.) to provide a service that will address these needs with the intent of ultimately increasing the number of clinically excellent physicians that are culturally competent and socially conscious.
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Students Against Racism (StAR)The purpose of this group is to unify students interested in fighting against racism and discrimination in the healthcare field. The main task of this group will be planning the annual Racism in Medicine Conference. Organized by the Philadelphia-area medical schools, this student-led conference aims to fight racism in medicine by joining students of various healthcare professions and engaging them in both captivating dialogue and strategic action planning. DUCOM will be hosting the 2018 Racism in Medicine Conference, and this group will serve as the primary point of contact for all conference communication. Outside of the conference, the group aims to increase awareness of racism and discrimination in healthcare through information sessions, panel discussions, and community outreach.ducomstar@gmail.com
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Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP)Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) is a group of impassioned students in healthcare who seek to address the issues of our current healthcare system. A national health program would solve many of the issues we witness in our day-to-day, including insurance debt, barriers to care due to high cost, and inequitable health coverage. We believe that access to comprehensive health care is a human right. We also believe that the right to choose and change one’s physician is fundamental to patient autonomy. Patients should be free to seek care from any licensed health care professional. We aim to share these values through a comprehensive and critical lens of our current system while also empowering students and community members to seek out solutions through advocacy, policy, and knowledge-building.ducom.snahp@gmail.com
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Surf & Ski ClubOpen to more than just surf bums and ski bums, this group aims to bring students together who love the beach or the snow. Whether you’re a regular thrill-seeker or an absolute first-timer, our group aims to build a good-natured, laid-back, and accepting community of students who can share their passions for surfing, skiing, snowboarding, paddleboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and the like. Grab your flip-flops, snow boots, and gear if you have it, and join our next trip for a much-needed study break. Even just a chair on the beach or a seat in the lodge beats another day at your desk!DUCOMSurfandSki@gmail.com
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Surgery Interest GroupThe purpose of the DUCOM Surgery Interest Group is to foster an interest in surgery amongst DUCOM students by connecting them with physicians practicing in the field of surgery at general body meetings and by facilitating networking, shadowing, and research opportunities. Students interested in surgery should expect to gain a deeper understanding of how to match into a surgical residency, the career path of a surgeon, the day-today activities of a surgeon, surgical subspecialties, and the field of surgery as a whole.ducomsig@gmail.com
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Table Tennis ClubTable Tennis Club aims to be a fun, casual environment for students to relieve their stresses through non-strenuous physical activity. We would like to promote an enjoyable way to wind down and even meet some new people. We would like to host a relaxed, friendly competition in the forms of a singles and a doubles pick-your-partner tournament. All in all, we want involved students to have an entertaining time, since the focus is not on skill, but on simply having a good time!ducomttclub@gmail.com
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The TinctureThe Tincture journal showcases the talents of the writers and artists of DUCOM in order to foster a creative spirit at our school. This is an exciting opportunity to display your literary and artistic talents! Our hope is that exposure to the arts will enrich our community and ultimately help us to be well-rounded, innovative physicians. Literature and art pieces can be, but do not have to be, about medicine or healthcare; rather we hope to create a rich snapshot of the lives of the students here. If accepted, your work will be published in the print and online versions of the Winter 2021 issue.tincturesubmissions@gmail.com
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Trauma Informed CareEvery physician will interact with patients who have dealt with some form of trauma. We aim to keep our group informed about how the healthcare system can both promote and impede healing. As a member of the Trauma-Informed Care group, you will be exposed to culturally competent training when dealing with underrepresented patient populations. You will also learn evidence-based skills that will help your future patients feel safe, as well as making you more equipped to help them!ducomtraumainformedcare@gmail.com
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Ultrasound ClubThe mission of this club is to provide medical students the skills to use and properly analyze an ultrasound firsthand. So much of our learning is done via PDFs, but most long-term learning is done through practice. The ultrasound medicine interest group hopes to use ultrasound devices to teach medical schools proper technique and how to diagnose various organ pathologies.ducomultrasound@gmail.com
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Urology Interest GroupUrology Interest Group (UIG) aims to support students interested in the expansive field of urology, and educate students that might not know they are interested yet! We hope to do this through informative events while connecting students with opportunities and experts in the field, collaborating with other student groups with shared interests.drexelurologyig@gmail.com
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Volleyball ClubDUCOM Volleyball is a student organization that seeks to provide a place for students to play volleyball. We welcome individuals of all skill levels to join and participate in pick-up style games and casual peppering to de-stress and build relationships in a team sport.vball.ducom@gmail.com
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Wellness LunchWellness Lunch Group serves the purpose of allowing first and second year students to share their experiences in medical school with each other in a safe, private setting. It gives students the opportunity to speak with one another and learn from each other about how to achieve a balanced life with both the academic and non-academic aspects of medical school. The students support each other and try to help each other relieve stress and isolation. Dr. Gottlieb and Dr. Adaman facilitate our groups and often highlights how to defeat stress as well as provides valuable information about what to expect at different points during our training. The group is dedicated to providing every member with the chance to ask for advice or help out their peers.ducomwellness@gmail.com
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Wilderness Medicine Interest GroupThe Wilderness Medicine Interest Group exists to provide opportunities to DUCOM students to explore the field of wilderness medicine. We aim to provide learning experiences regarding the various subsets of wilderness medicine, hands-on experience in first aid, how time outside can impact health, and overall an appreciation for the practice of medicine in a resource limited environment.

Wilderness medicine is a growing field with clinical rotations and fellowship opportunities now available. With more and more people venturing into the outdoors it is important for physicians to be trained in this unique environment and for students to be able to explore their interest.
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Women In SurgeryWe will promote, develop, and encourage women and nonbinary students’ interest in surgical specialties through peer support, skills training, and discussion of women’s experiences in surgical spaces. We recognize that women and nonbinary people in surgery inhabit diverse identities and experiences and seek to celebrate and uplift the careers of students in these underrepresented groups through connection with others in all stages of surgical development.DUCOMWomenInSurgery@gmail.com
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Yoga ClubYoga Club is an opportunity for students and faculty to focus on the mind, body, and spirit. The mission of the Yoga Club is to offer participants a way to improve physical fitness, self-awareness, and relaxation techniques. The yoga club aims to promote the practice and study of yoga and foster a sense of community around this practice. We are open to all skills and abilities and are flexible with our practice in order to best suit the participants.drexelmedyoga@gmail.com
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